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Box + White Background_edited.jpg

Box mockup. Design by nkiruka oparah.

The Liberation Tarot deck is a 30+ artist collaboration started in early 2019. In addition to organizing and curating the project, I also designed the suit of Spirals (below).


The deck is currently available for sale through PM Press, and will be stores early 2024.

Collaborators and contributors include:

Abdu Ali

adrienne maree brown

Amina Ross

Amir Khadar

Aparna Sarkar

As They Lay

Anne Horel

Cassie Thornton

Charmaine Bee

Cyree Jarelle Johnson

Cole James

Danielle Wright

Edgar Fabian Frias

emet ezell

Eva Wu


J Wu

Jarret Hood

Jennifer Moon

Karryl Eugene

Katie Kaplan


lawrence barriner II

Malak Mataar

Malaya Tuyay

Mark Allen

Nathaniel Russell

nkiruka oparah

Nissa Gustafson

Petra Floyd
Scarlett Tunkl
Shoog McDaniel
Syan Rose

spirals sheet.jpg

I created all of the Spirals cards using a combination of watercolor and digital collage.

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