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"And wherever art does not play itself out into illusion, beauty and even sublimity is that which mediates a premonition of future freedom. Often rounded, never closed: this life-maxim of Goethe's is also that of art - with the accent of conscience and substance ultimately on the unclosed."


Ernst Bloch in The Principle of Hope


Often round, never closed

"The capitalist form is not only a set of economic rules and functions; it is also the internalization of a certain set of limitations, of psychic automatism, of rules for compliance."


Franco Berardi

(various works from 2022-ongoing)



the alternatives to

“psychic automatism” and










Epstein_04_Web Res.jpg

Particle Accelerator (2023)

Cement, steel, wood, electrical wiring, Hot Wheels track and car

4’ x 22” x 13”

Photo credit: Neighboring States

Video documentation here.

Epstein_02_Web Res.jpg

Zero clock (2023)

Tea box, plexiglass, LED bulb, acrylic paint, electrical wiring

3” x 4” x 5” (variable with install)

Photo credit: Neighboring States

Zero Clock_Detail copy.jpg.jpg

A watched pot never boils but I watched it and it boiled (2022)

Video, 3:36

Audio source clips include:

“Time Is Money. Top Tips For Time Management” (Tom Ferry Show, Episode 60)

“When Harry Met Sally” written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner

“I Can Only Bliss Out (F’Days)” by Laraaji

Epstein_03_Web Res.jpg

Loop (levitation) (2023)

Magnetic levitation module, steel, paint, wood, electrical wiring

4’ x 7” x 7” (variable with install)

Photo credit: Neighboring States

Video documentation here.

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